Thursday Folders

Meadow Heights’ weekly email communications go out on Thursday.   The “Thursday Folder” is primarily digital, and a reminder goes out via email from the administrative assistant Janine Wrightson.
If you have a student enrolled at Meadow Heights and you are not receiving these emails, then please contact Janine at [email protected] to make sure you are on her email distribution list. You do not want to miss important emails from the school!
The Thursday Folder is important as it is contains information from the District, School, and PTA.
To view the TH Folder visit the school’s Thursday Folder webpage.
* Please note, PTA events and activities will be advertised in the TH Folder, as well as on this website, around campus and on our new Facebook page. The PTA sends out reminders, updates and volunteer opportunities via email.
Make sure we have your email by joining and/or updating your information in My School Anywhere. MSA (more details here).



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