Peace Maker Program

The Soul Shoppe program will once again be at Meadow Heights this school year, and the PTA is pleased to help fund the Elementary Peace Makers Program that goes along with it.
The Peace Program will train 30 student Peacemakers (grades 4-5) who will support their student peers in resolving conflicts in and out of the classroom. The Peacemakers will receive a four-part leadership training where they will learn communication tools and conflict resolution skills.
Soul Shoppe provides interactive assembly programs that teaches students important skills to support them academically and emotionally through life. These Life Skills focus on problem-solving, conflict resolution, and creating a community of learning and growth by defining and internalizing the character traits that create great communities and citizens.
The objectives for the program:
• Creating Optimal Learning Environments: A foundation of Respect
• Personal Empowerment: Awareness around choices we make
• Skill Building: To navigate life powerfully
• Community Enhancement: Promote empathy and high level of functioning for all
• Joyful Living: Encourage a sense of freedom in all we do.
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