Easy Money Makers

Amazon Smile, eScrip, Box Tops For Education and Shutterfly are easy ways for Meadow Heights to earn money while you go about your regular life. Put this somewhere to remind yourself to set these up so that you can effortlessly start making money for the school.
NOTE: All of these can be done by friends, relatives and neighbors, too. Get the grandparents, aunts and uncles, everyone involved in earning some extra dollars for Meadow Heights!

Do you ever shop on Amazon.com?
  • Instead, go to www.smile.amazon.com
  • Select Meadow Heights Elementary PTA as your supporting charity (just do this once — it will remember your designation for all future transactions)
  • Shop as you normally would
    For every eligible purchase, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase total to Meadow Heights. 0.5% isn’t very much, but just think about how much you (or your spouse or your uncle) order from Amazon. It adds up! Same great stuff, just a different website to type into your browser!

Do you ever use your credit or debit card to buy groceries or dine out?
  • Register the cards you use at www.escrip.com
  • Select Meadow Heights PTA to support
  • Use your registered cards whenever you go shopping or to a restaurant

eScrip will donate 1-5% of your purchase total to Meadow Heights. Nearby merchants include Piazza’s Fine Foods, Mollie Stone’s, Draeger’s Market, Tannourine Restaurant, The Spot on 25th, Qube Bar & Grill. There are thousands of participating merchants!

BONUS: eScrip also has an online mall where you can purchase from hundreds of retailers and earn money while you shop. Shops like Target, Gap, Best Buy, Etsy, Priceline…you name it, they probably have it. You just have to remember to access the store through their online mall. Or download their browser app ForgetMeNot, which will do the remembering for you!

Have you ever bought anything in a package?

Well, there’s a good chance it had a Box Top on it! Next time, cut that box top out. Or better yet, have your child cut it out and start a collection at home. When you’ve collected enough, drop them off at the school office.

The PTA sends them in. Box Tops For Education donates 10¢ to Meadow Heights for each one. It adds up! Box Tops can be found on many cereals, snacks, dairy products, paper products, trash bags, food storage bags, cleaning products, baking products, tableware, tissue boxes, mac and cheese boxes and more.

Have you ever taken a digital photo? 

Do you like making photo books, mugs, phone cases, calendars, birth announcements or holiday cards? Help Meadow Heights earn 13% for every sale, just by using this website:


You get the same great stuff that you’d normally buy at both sites, just accessed through the MHPTA storefront.


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