Our Online Directory

The school directory is a service provided by the PTA, but is made available to all our families regardless of membership status. We want our community to be engaged with one another, and we don’t believe restricting directory access to only PTA members achieves this goal.
My School Anywhere (MSA) is first and foremost a directory and membership software — and your information is secure. If you have gone through the online back to school process as described on the other side of this flyer, then you are done! You have provided us with your contact information.
An Opt-Out Approach
Because we strive to offer a robust directory that will prove useful to our Meadow Heights families, participation in the school directory will now take an “opt-out approach.”
We have partnered with the school administration for parent names and emails to help us populate the directory. This information is gathered on the Emergency Contact Form that all families are required to turn in. If you DO NOT want the information on your Emergency Contact Form to be made available to the PTA by the school, there is a box you can check at the bottom of the form where you can OPT-OUT.
[hoot_box type=”flag” color=”red”]Checking this box does not prohibit you from sharing your own information with the PTA. In fact, we encourage everyone to go through our data confirmation process so directory information can remain up to date and complete.[/hoot_box]
However, there is yet another opportunity to OPT-OUT if you desire. In step 3 of the data confirmation process in MSA, you have the opportunity to set your directory display options. This is where you can exclude certain pieces of contact information from the directory or hide yourself from it entirely.
We also look forward to having a complete directory of emails. No more signing up separately for our weekly PTA communications — we will handle it for you!
And our Room Parent Representatives will start the school year with a complete list of emails — no more filling out yet another separate form to get on your classroom’s parent email distribution list. With this new approach to data collection, our PTA volunteers will spend less time on administrative tasks and more on the programs and resources that enrich our students’ experiences.
How does it work?
Once we have received and reviewed your family’s information you will receive an email with login instructions.. This is how you will gain access to the online directory. Our plan is to go live as soon as possible, so please enter and/or confirm your data!
Is it secure?
YES!  All data is stored behind secure firewalls and can only be accessed by authorized users with a validated username and encrypted password.  All data is viewed and passed using SSL encryption.  

Questions? contact [email protected] 

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