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For the 2017–2018 school year, our goal is to raise a net ~$100K through our fundraisers. Read the full explanation of how we raise funds here.

Currently we are at 40% of our fundraising goal.

(last updated January 16, 2018)

Funds are used to support all the programs, events, resources that benefit our Meadow Heights teachers and staff, the students and their families.
Specifically, we fund:
  • Art – Art in Action licensing fees, supplies and materials, part-time certified art teacher
  • Music – Portion of Myriad Music fees
  • Library – Library and classroom books, portion of librarian salary
  • Computer literacy – Technology teacher, software, technology upgrades
  • Field trips – Classroom field trips, schoolwide assemblies, portion of the transportation for trips
  • Social/emotional programs – Peacemakers, Soul Shoppe
  • Family programs – Community events (ice cream social, harvest carnival, holiday craft fair, international food fair, etc.), back to school activities, PTA meetings, parent education, Sunshine Committee
  • Staff support – Classroom supplies, equipment, staff appreciation, campus beautification
  • PTA Administration – Printing fees, software, PTA dues
 If you are interested in understanding more specifically how funds are raised and used, we encourage you to attend our PTA meetings.

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