Fundraising at Meadow Heights

Meadow Heights Elementary is a fantastic public school with great teachers and resources. A large part of what makes Meadow Heights so special is the additional money our PTA raises through its handful of fundraising efforts. Funding from the state, district and other sources helps pay for basic (but very good!) resources for the school. The additional fundraising allows our students to experience art classes, music education, field trips, assemblies, technology, more library time, emotional intelligence programs, and fun schoolwide events!
The PTA has four main fundraisers, all of which are important to reach our budget targets. Without the funds we raise, we cannot run our programs. We hope that every family participates in as many as they can but understand that some fundraisers appeal to folks differently — which is why we offer an array!
Direct Donations. Kickoff August 2017. This is where you and/or your relatives just give money to the school and get nothing in return (besides the amazing programs we fund for your children!). This is honestly the BEST way to give to Meadow Heights. This fundraiser doesn’t cost the PTA a penny so every dollar you give goes straight towards the programs we support. And many employers will match your direct donation and also give to the PTA, potentially DOUBLING your donations.
Gift Wrap. September – October 2017. Students come home with a brochure and online registration so they can sell high-quality gift wrap, yummy edibles and home goods. Orders are placed and goods are received before Thanksgiving.. A percentage of each sale goes to Meadow Heights.
Auction. February 2018. This is a fun event that requires a lot of work but has a huge payoff! The live event, the Auction Dinner (Save the Date: evening of February 24, 2018!), includes a sit-down dinner, drinks, and dancing as well as different ways to raise money for the school (live and silent auction, count-me-ins, fund-a-need). This year we are also hosting an Online Auction to allow a broader audience to participate, including family, friends, Facebook friends, and people who can’t attend the live event. Donations for the auction come in a few forms: goods and services to be auctioned, your time and energy pulling together the event (soliciting donations from businesses, event planning, back office, etc.), and of course, your money in exchange for auction items or just the joy of having a good time!
Spring Stampede. May 2018. This is one of my favorite events because the whole school gets involved, particularly the kids. And boy, do they have fun! Prior to the big Stampede day, you can sponsor T-shirts  and raise money for your child’s Stampede run (all children get their own webpage and set a fundraising target). On the big day, all the kids wear their Stampede shirts and run around the track, trying to set a personal record. Families stand on the sidelines, cheering on their little Mustangs as they whiz by!
Small Fundraisers. Throughout the year. We also run a number of smaller fundraisers, many of which require you to do little more than push a key on your computer. The Book Fair, held in the Meadow Heights library twice a year, provides an opportunity for you to buy books for your family and your teachers. In addition to adding books to classroom libraries, a percentage of each sale goes to Meadow Heights. Shopping for your everyday needs with AmazonSmile, eScrip, BoxTops For Education, Shutterfly and School Toolbox in mind helps earn money for the school without costing you extra. Find out more about these programs in the Easy Money Makers flyer.
For the 2017–2018 school year, our goal is to raise a net ~$100K through each of these fundraisers.
It wouldn’t be possible without you! So we thank you in advance for your generosity.
If you have any questions or would like to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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