Gift Wrap Fundraiser

support our school fundraiser!

Every Purchase Makes a Difference!
We encourage ALL families to participate by sharing the catalogs with friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers.
Our goal is $15,000.
We are fundraising for: Art in Action, Music, Library, Technology, and other Enrichment Programs.
Orders & Money Due: All money and the top 2 copies of the order form are due on: Monday, September 25.
Make checks payable to: Meadow Heights PTA.
Please follow instructions on order form and collect 50¢ for each item sold to cover sales tax.
Additional order forms are available at the school office.
Receive a text alert when your order is available for pick up at the school by entering your phone number on the order form.No other text or solicitations will be sent.
Online Ordering Made Easy…Over 500 items to choose from: Online shopping is easy for out of town friends and relatives to support your school. Invite out-of-town friends and relatives to shop with our easy invite generator after registration.
Register your student at
Our School’s online ID# is: z-11145
Students will receive a 6-digit code to receive credit for all online sales.
Send 10 or more online emails and receive a prize! Share your student’s code with friends/relatives via social media like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
* Personalized and Online Only Items cannot be ordered on the 3-part order form. If these items are written on the 3-part order form, they will NOT be fulfilled.
QUESTIONS? Call Customer Service 866-395-2926
Thank you for Supporting Our School!
Rena Korb & Michelle Michon

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