Classroom Music

music staffWith funding contributed by the SMFC Education Foundation, the SMFC School District offers our fifth grade students the opportunity to explore instrumental music on violin, trumpet, clarinet, or flute.  Group lessons are offered weekly for much of the school year.
Meadow Heights PTA is pleased to support music education in our TK thru 4th grade classrooms, by subsidizing the music program provided by Myriad Music School & Dance Academy in San Mateo.
MYRIAD MUSIC SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY:  Quality music education that keeps  an individual’s self-esteem intact must provide a positive learning environment for all students of all ages – from the recreational music student to those preparing  for music conservatories after high school. Our school specializes in starting music education off right   – giving our students the tools to read music easily by starting simply, as one would introduce any language. The Myriad Music School at Meadow Heights will give their students gentle, progressive stepping-stones to frustration-free coordination at their instruments. Helping a student feel successful in music is directly related to how well the instruction is sequenced and whether or not it is age-appropriate. Anyone can be musical, given the right environment and support.
Students receive 30 minute sessions once a week for the majority of the school year.

Sunday SchoolTK , Kindergarten – 2nd Grades – Choral Emphasis
INSTRUMENTS: Voice, Rhythm Sticks, Boomwhackers, Desk Bells, Drums, and Sound Shapes
PERFORMANCE OUTCOME: One memorized choral final performance, to be held in-class or at a separate performance time. Children will learn correct singing posture, breathing, diction, vowel placement, pitch-matching, how to blend tone with other voices, and performance poise.
A)     RHYTHM: Reading and writing quarter note, eighth-note (Kindergarten) plus half note, dotted half note whole note (1st Grade) plus  dotted quarter note rhythms in 2/4 meter, 3/4 meter, 4/4 meter and compound 6/8 meter (2nd Grade can do ALL of the above)
B)     NOTES ON THE STAFF: Sight- Singing /Reading and writing the solfege notes do, re, mi, and soh on the treble staff in several key signatures. Learning the letter note names of treble clef notes, from the Conversational Solfege method.

recorder classroom3rd and 4th Grades – Recorder Classroom & Choral
INSTRUMENTS: All listed in Levels K – 2, and Recorders (Purchased by families for student to keep)
PERFORMANCE OUTCOME: One recorder/choral spring performance, to be held in-class or at a separate performance time. Children will play in 1 or 2 parts with an accompaniment and learn to follow their conductor. The skill of playing together in unison or in harmony teaches ear-training, listening and evaluating skills, musicality, learning to hear pitch and is the ultimate in team-building skills.
A)     RHYTHM: Reading and writing all rhythmic values learned in K-2 Level on the recorder, using the performance music scores, Essential Rhythm Activities for the Music Classroomand additional theory worksheets.
B)     NOTES ON THE STAFF: Reading and writing all treble clef notes within the range of the treble recorder used in the Performance Component. Reviewing notes from the K-2 Level, and adding new notes from our recorder songs.
C)     ENRICHMENT FOR STUDENTS WHO EXCEL: For students who need more challenge, we will provide duet and trio opportunities, which can be taken home as extra bonus work, and performed for the class.


Boy playing guitar
UKULELES: Myriad Music School has purchased ukulele for Classroom Music at Meadow Heights. We will incorporate strumming and plucking and reading notes on the ukulele for grades 1 – 4 this year, in addition to our Choral and Recorder curriculum.
CHOREOGRAPHY WORKSHOP:  Movement & music are perfect partners. Students learn better through movement, music being no exception.  Movement can help reinforce high / low contours of music, rhythm and steady pulse, AB form, and more. Myriad’s Teacher Nina will visit all classes several times this year to polish up our spring performances and give these students challenging moves to work on.
COMPOSER FUN FACTS: We will also be giving the students Composer Fun Facts lessons with accompanying study sheets to take home and learn. Each grade will learn at least 4 composers.

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