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art in action image 1Meadow Heights Elementary is proud to offer the Art in Action Art Program, a comprehensive, visual-art curriculum designed around the works of the Great Masters. The unique spiral curriculum, introducing and reinforcing concepts through the 9 program levels, gives students a solid foundation in drawing, painting, and sculpture techniques. The multifaceted lessons teach art appreciation, art history and art techniques, developing students’ critical-thinking skills, creativity, visual literacy, and self-esteem, as well as an appreciation of other cultures.
The Art in Action program is aligned with California and National Visual Arts Standards, and is fully funded by the Meadow Heights PTA. Many lessons also integrate art with the core subjects.
At Meadow Heights Elementary, the Art in Action program includes monthly art classes taught by our talented art instructor and given in our dedicated art room. Each lesson begins with analysis of a masterpiece from a major artist, and concludes with students creating their own hands on project, drawn from the Art in Action program curriculum. Students are exposed to a variety of artistic media, including watercolor, clay, and oil and chalk pastels. Throughout the curriculum students are taught art vocabulary, elements, and techniques. Meadow Heights students’ art can be seen and appreciated throughout the year, as they are displayed in our own school library and various locations in San Mateo. These creations are also showcased in the LGI at the Annual Art Show, held during the month of May to coincide with student-led conferences.
We are incredibly fortunate to have this program available to our children, which would not be possible without your support. Thank you!
How can I get involved?
Success of the program depends on parent support. Each classroom needs assistants to help our art instructor.
No art experience or background is needed to become an assistant, just a helpful set of hands and a desire to make art a positive experience for all.
Assistant: Assistants help the art instructor prepare, set-up, clean-up and assist the children with each art lesson.
What is the time commitment?
Lessons occur about once a month, during the school day, in our dedicated art room. Each lesson is 1.5 to 2 hours total, including set-up and clean up.
Please contact Laura at [email protected] to learn more and get involved!

The Art in Action Organization
Art in Action is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing visual arts education to the classroom. Art in Action fosters the educational development and creativity of children across America through innovative visual arts programs and communities. They believe that a quality art education is critical for every student’s preparation for success in the 21st century, and actively assist schools in implementing a comprehensive, standards based visual art program.

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