EOY Fundraising Wrap Up

school out for summerThe end of the school year is here, and we would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our ongoing fundraising programs this year. These donations, in conjunction with the help of your volunteer hours and expertise, allow our PTA to enrich the experiences provided to our children, staff, school and community.

We recently wrapped up the Spring Stampede and are pleased to announce that we raised over $10,000. The Bubble Lounge Auction, held in February, was once again our largest moneymaker, bringing in over $28,000. Combined with our annual direct donation drive ($24,000), and other fundraisers throughout the year, we were able to reach an impressive fundraising amount of $75,000 for the year.

Your child(ren) may not realize this, but he or she participates everyday in some sort of program or activity made possible by the PTA. Whether it is Art in Action, Music, Library, Computer Lab, Field Trips, or many other types of assemblies, our students’ experiences in these areas are enriched and enhanced with the funds you so generously have helped raise.

Your support of the PTA has also allowed us to complete many projects around the school focused on the following:

Learning and Enrichment
The new 1st grade garden provides a unique opportunity to teach hands-on the life cycles of plants, including planning, planting, observing, problem solving, and harvesting.

Our children are always thrilled to have new reading materials and books available to them. This year the PTA provided funds to help increase the amount of books in the library — especially non-fiction and titles that further the common core.

The campus looks amazing with the updated landscaping in front of the school, the murals and bottle cap art projects, and the new curtains in the LGI.

The addition of more outdoor enclosed bulletin boards provides increased awareness and communication of upcoming events and programs.

Looking forward to next school year, we are in need of committed volunteers to help chair many of the beloved events at Meadow Heights, including some of our important fundraisers. Please review the following committees and contact Kelly Westberg ([email protected]) or Jennifer Buckley ([email protected]) if you are interesting in chairing or providing help:

Fall Gift Wrap
Harvest Carnival
Annual Auction or Dinner
Spring Stampede

The PTA wishes all Meadow Heights families and staff a wonderful summer! We look forward to seeing you at the Back To School Coffee on the first day of school – August 12th.

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