Way to Go Mustangs!

The 13th annual Spring Stampede was a stomping success, raising more than $12,000 for our school. Special thanks and recognition are due to those students who went the extra mile with their fundraising efforts.

The following 15 students raised at least $200:

Dylan C.
Kian C.
Samantha E.
Lady Lynn H.
Kennedy J.
Tyler K.
Zachary L.
Megan N.
Julia O.
Rajan P.
Cadence P.
Melody P.
Kristen R.
Samantha R.
Ryan T.
Kenneth W.

Race Winners By Grade

Boy Tie: Jaden K. & Sean H.
Girl: Olivia E.

Boy: Dylan C.
Girl: Julia O.

Boy: Cristian Gomez P.
Girl: Michaela D.

Boy: Jonah L.
Girl: Abbey L.

Boy: Christian M.
Girl: Alison Arroyo J.

Boy: Gabriel O.
Girl: Roisin S.

Boy: Zachary L.
Girl Tie: Peyton M. & Nina S.

Repeat Race Winners

Cristian Gomez P. – 2014, 2015

Jonah L. – 2014, 2015

Christian M. – 2013, 2015
Alison Arroyo J. – 2014, 2015

Zachary L. – 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015
Peyton M. – 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Nina S. – 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Thank you to Our Sponsors

Alfie Holmes Painting
Maxwell & Chloe Armstrong
Karen Barrios-Espinoza
Caren Barrios Vasquez
Bella Nails
Audrey Bennett
The BMT Family
The Borg Family
Téa & Luke Bosanac
The Buckley Family
Sophia Cheng
Dylan & Kian Cheung & Family
Katelyn & Shorlyn Dominguez
Tyler & Sophia Douglass
The Duncan Family
The Eck Family
The Fewkes Farrow Family
The Foreman Family
The Gantan Family
Kevin & Julia Gee
The Griggs Family
The Jewell Family
Karthik Joshi
Owen Kalmbach
Sarah Kaprielian
Marcel Keenan
The Korb-Bell Family
The LaCarrubba Family
Audrey Lee
Curtis Lee & Family
Parker Lee
Zachary Leighton
Dominic Marquez Jr. & Family
The McReynolds Family
The Mendonca Family
The Michel-Konerding Family
Isabella & Olivia Murray
Megan Nash & Family
Emma Oliver & Family
Isabel, Julia, & Natalia Ortega
The Owyang Family
Pediatric Dentistry – Dr. Laleh Vakili, DMD
Ethan & Evan Petersen
The Puls Family
Kristen & Samantha Rank
Jorell & Jake Sakamoto
Santa Cruz Dental Group
The Sawamura Family
The Schmidts | George, Anna & Riley
The Schmier Family
Scrub A Pup, Inc.
Jamie & Brie Sloves
The Tonas Family
The Thomson Family
Sidney Wagner
The Wang Family
The Waugh Family
Carver West
Anna Yee & Family
Karen & Claire Young
Young Sheet Metal
The Zumot Family

A Special Thank You To…
  • Kenyetta Cook, Janine Wrightson, and other members of the faculty and staff for your help and participation
  • Wayne Lee for designing the 2015 Spring Stampede T-shirts
  • Karen West for designing the beautiful banners that advertised the Stampede
  • Kristi Puls for designing the Spring Stampede web pages and forms and helping with all communications
  • Remee Vargas for your valuable input, Excel and mail merge expertise
  • Annette Steinharter for helping count sponsor and pledge donations
  • Nory De Francesca for copying Spring Stampede forms for Thursday Folders
  • Tracey Leighton for coordinating and ordering the Spring Stampede trophies
  • Keith Johns for supplying the sound equipment on Stampede Day and being an awesome DJ
  • Denise Sandri for providing popsicles to cool off the Stampeders
  • All Race Day Volunteers for your helping with set-up/clean-up, counting and validating laps, spraying Stampeders with water to keep them cool

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