Update – PTA Membership Classroom Challenge

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.55.54 PMThe September classroom PTA membership challenge ended yesterday!  The winning classes are Room 1 – TK with Mrs. Harper, Room 16 – 2nd grade with Mrs. Murphy, and Room 18 – 2nd grade with Mrs Kawakami. 

Congratulations on reaching high with 100% PTA membership participation.  Classroom 1 & 16 & 18 will have a pizza & ice cream party!  

The October classroom PTA membership challenge is now ON.  If your classroom reaches 100% participation rate*, your classroom will receive a cupcake party.  

Classroom 12 with Ms. Murphey is at 60% rate.  Classrooms 5, 13,  & 14 are not far behind at 50% participation rate. 

Keep the memberships coming.  The Sky’s the Limit!  Help Meadow Heights build our PTA membership to 100% rate.

 *Family participation means a minimum of one membership per family.  This could either be a parent or a student.

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